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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Jul10-Toms River New Jersey Looking for Clomid 100 mgs unexpired, unopened. 732 673 3274 Please text me. Lisa
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Jul10-Brooklyn NY New and properly stored meds. 4 gonal f 900 iu $300, 2 Follistim$300 4 Cetrotide $70 a piece, 30 pills for clomid 100mg. Local pickup or buyer's pay shipping. 917-983-1835 Maple

Jul10-DALLAS TX - Texas I'm selling my unopened meds, well kept in fridge. Have 1 box of GonalF 900 IU $200 Expire in Sept 2017. and 1 box of Cetrotide 0.25 mg 7 units $100 Expire in Aug2017. Local sales preferred, call, text or email, 817 889 3477, DANIELE

Jul10-Baltimore Maryland Currently pregnant after a successful 2nd cycle. I have available meds discounted and properly stored. Gonalf 300iu pens $300 Follistim 900iu $450 Menopur $200 Ganirelex $100 Pio $75 Endometrin $300 Cleocin $350 Buyer pays shipping or local pick up cash only. 802 276 1593 Mary
Jul10-Lindsay CA Two new, unopened and unused Gonal 900unit pens. Purchased from IVF meds online. $300 each. Will ship or available to meet. Expire end of August, 2017. 559-967-4640 or Dena
Jul9-Stamford CT Fertility meds, unopened and stored properly. 250 mcg/0.5 mL Ganirelix Acetate Injection. 250 mcg sterile profiled syringe. 27 gauge by 1/2" needle. Exp: 7/28/19. 500 mg/10 mL Progesterone Injection, USP. 10 mL multiple dose vial. Exp: 11/18. $500 for both. 917 685 4515 Kelly Linhoss

Jul9-Miami Florida I'm 4 mths pregnant after successful IVF round, I have 7 leftover FSH Gonal-F /Follistim 900iu pens $340 each or $2300 for the lot! Expire Dec 2017 always refrigerated happy to meet in person Daytona Beach, Orlando, Miami, also can post in dry ice/icepacks 725 777 8516 Lee Grace

Jul9-Cleveland Ohio Menopur; $200 per sealed box of 5. Follistim; $300 per sealed 900 IU vial; Gammagard IVIG includes all supplies; $800 per 30g sealed bottle. Cetrotide: $80 per sealed cartridge. All unexpired and properly stored. Fed Ex COD only. Photos available. Karen
Jul9-syracuse new york Unopened, properly stored fertility meds from successful IVF cycle. Neupogen, Gonal F, Cetrotide, Menopur, Pregnyl, Cleocin, Leuprolide, Ganirelix, Novarel, Omnitrope Human Growth Hormone and Endometrin. All expire in 2018/2019 except Neupogen and Novarel-11/17. Wish to help someone/very fair $. 315-569-8682 Carrie
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Jul9-Raleigh NC 1 unopened omnitrope vial 5.8; stored refrigerated from unsuccessful IVF cycle. $325 Email Melody if interested: 919 386 0500
Jul9-Raleigh NC In search of 6 Gonal-F or Follistim 900iu pens, unopened and stored correctly. Prefer local pick up. 919-386-0500 Melody
Testimonial : Hi Doug Your website is fantastic. We have given away everything so you can take our ad down at your convenience. Thank you so much. Yours site is fantastic and the paid ad we placed worked perfectly. Money well spent. Thanks again, sold my items in less than 24 hours Robin St Martin President Iron Horse Security Telephone: 613 228-2813 Facsimile: 613 228-9812
Jul9-pasadena CA Looking for Follistim 300IU, 600, or 900 IU and Omnitrope 5.8 mg. I have paid $300 for Follistim 900 IU. Let me know if you have it available. 626-257-8881. I prefer local pickup. Sal
Jul9-Mcallen Texas 1- Gonal F 900 pen new 3 vials of menopur open box 2 Centride new not expired properly stored, will cod, please call 956-821-7970 keri
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Jul7-Kansas City MO I have available for sell 6 boxes of Lovenox generic, 5 boxes of Menopur, and 2 boxes of Cleocin. Please contact me for more information. 816-442-0677 Rachel
Jul7-Tarrytown NY Selling leftover after multiple attempts and finally a successful cycle. Unopened boxes of menopur-75IU 5 vials with Q-caps $100-150/box, Follistim AQ 900IU $350/box, Crinone-8% $75. 5X Ganirelix 250mcg/0.5ml, $100/box. progesterone in oil 500mg $35. Pickup or FEDEX-COD only. 617 407 9616 Adeline
Jul7-New York New York Unopened meds. lupron 14 day kit injection $200. Lovenox 30mg injections $45 a box of 10. Hcg 10000 trigger shot $90. 914-848-5811 Tish
Jul7- San Diego CA Two unopened Gonal-F 450iu vials-$325, no refrigeration needed. 1 box 0.25 Cetrotide $50, properly refrigerated. Prefer local pick up but will ship at buyer's expense. Please email for faster response 619 303-5255 Julie

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Jul7-Seattle WA Leftover IVF meds: 22 Crinone 8% applicators and 12 Estradot patches international version of Vivelle dots. All unexpired and stored properly. $100 total includes priority shipping. Option for local buying in Seattle area too. 206-123-4567 Jenny
Jul7-Columbia South Carolina I'm looking for IVF meds Gonal-f 900 5 pens and cetrotide 0.25. Please email me at if you can help. 803 457 6266 Trinity

Jun6-Washington DC Gonol F 900 iu -$300. 4 boxes Endometrin 100mg 21 suppositories - $100 each. Progesterone in Oil 500mg/10ml - $100. All expire in 2018 and properly stored. Photos available. Thanks. 703 831 2238 Bee

Jul6-mcallen texas 3 vials of menopur 75 iu -$100. open box 2 cetrotide 0.25 mg- $100. new 1-gonal f rff rediject pen- $1,200 new all kept in fridge, call 956-821-7970 please call or text me, will ship upon payment keri
Jul6-Orange CA 1 - ganirelix injection $50 exp 09/17 / 2 - progesterone in oil exp 03/18 $40 each Shipping fees $10 / COD - depending where you are. Local pick up in Orange county California 949 769-4561 Susan
Jul6-Pennsylvania Successful cycle after 3 tries All meds are unexpired, unopened & properly stored with pictures. Gonal F Gonalf 300iu pens $350 Menopur $200 Endometrin $275 Lupron $300 A bunch of needles & syringes for free Buyer pays shipping & $25 fee for time & mileage. Text for faster reply 805 724 5926 Emma
Jul6-New York New York Left over IVF Meds available. 2 unopened boxes of cetrotide properly stored. 4 menopur. Gonal f pen 300IU. Best offer. Will ship, buyer pays for shipping. Will discount if buys all Meds at once. 516 660 9253 Nolan
Jul5-Houston Texas I'm about to do a frozen transfer. I'm needing 56 Vivelle Dot patches .1mg, 63 Endometrin 100 mg, and Progesterone in sesame oil. If you have any of this medication and are willing to sale please email me at 281-687-3125 Crystal Webster
Jul5-Walled Lake MI Looking for HCG trigger shot via FedEx COD as soon as possible. 734 707-9540 Kay

Apr21-Danbury CT (10) Ganirelix 250mcg/0.5mL available $50 Each. (2) 6/17 (2) 9/17 (5) 10/17 (1) 6/18 50 Each. Meet locally or USPS COD. My wife and I have some Ganirelix leftover from IVF 203-994-1551 Rob

Jul5-El Portal CA I have unused IVF meds. Three Gonal-f 450IU, 1 unopened for $400, 2 opened to refrigerate for $300 each, but never used no syringes for those two. 2 Centrotide .25mg both opened to refrigerate meds, but syringe is unopened, $150 each. FedEX COD. 209 379 2747 Alison
Jul4-Jamaica NY Left over frozen embryo. Still been preserved at an IVF center. Interested, text 917-602-4561. Sue

Jul3-St.Louis MO Leftover IVF meds! Follistim cartridges 1-900 $370, 1-600-$260, 3-300 $130 each. Lovenox 40mg inj 10 in each box $60 per box, 4 boxes total available. Buyer pays shipping. 314-443-8845 Ruth

Jul3-Montgomery Alabama New and unused meds from a successful cycle. 7 Gonal f 900 units $320, 3 Follistim 900 iu $350, 2 box menopur $150, 4 Cetrotide, 2 HCG injections 10,000 units $130, 30 tablets of 100 mg Clomid, 28 pills of Femara 2.5mg. Local or shipping 205-377-4916 Lynn
Jul3-novi mi Selling Gonal-f 900IU- 4 pens of $275 each expiring End of July 2017. Menopur 75IU- 24 vials of $18 each expiring Sep,2017. Ganirelix 0.25mg/0.5ml- 3 syringes of $70 expiring Sep,2018. All properly stored, contact 848-565-5342. Aru

Apr21-Pearland Texas Leftover from my previous IVF this year. I have 6 unopened boxes of Menopur 75iu. exp 6/2017. 70.00 a box Trinh

Jul3-Los Angeles California Menopur multiple boxes exp 3/2018 $225. Gonal F 450 multidose vial exp 10/17 $325. obo all properly stored. call 310 927 7949 Laura
Jul3-Memphis Tennessee Currently pregnant with twins of first round of Ivf with frozen embryos on standby I have a follistim pen 725 iu Follistim cartridge 6 vials of Menopur unopened 1 Ganirelix shot unopened 15 100mg progesterone pressarie inserts Needles and Q caps Make a offer located in Ten. 901 279 3040 Diane
Jul3-Chicago IL fertility meds. 1 gonal-600 iu left exp. 7/18, menopur 1 full box 5 vials/1 partial box 2 vials 75 iu exp. 12/17, leuprolide 14 mg vial exp. 12/17, centrotide 1 box 0.25 mg exp. 8/18, emails only 847 840 2752 Heather
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Video:birth control Vaxxed - Full documentary This is the documentary that was scheduled to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival by Robert De Nero (who has a vaccine-damaged child) but was yanked when some of the festival backers with ties to the pharmaceutical industry threatened to cancel their funding and shut the festival down.

Jul3-Merrimack New Hampshire Leftover meds - 8 boxes of Crinone 8% progesterone gel 15 in each box $80 per box. 75x estradiol estrace tabs $75. text 603-548-5151 or email, thanks Jess
Jul2-Downers Grove IL Follistim 300 IU, expiration June 2019. Multiple doses available. Pen not included. $160 cash only, meet in Downers Grove area. Shari
Jul2-Frisco TX IVF meds available for sale. All unused, unopened, stored properly. 5 boxes Follistim 900 iu- $350 each Expiring- 1 box Feb 2018 & 4 box Apr 2018. If interested, can be reached at 732 328 0486 Arti
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Jul2-Napa Ca Leftover Fertility meds, stored properly. 50% off retail. 50mg Progesterone ethyl oleate exp8/17 $40. 13 viles 75iu Menopur exp4/18 $540. 300iu Follistim exp4/19 $105. 200iu Follistim exp8/19 $70. Includes Follistim pen & all syringes. FedEx COD/local pickup only 707 337 7255 Stef
Jul2-Mount Sterling OH Several rounds of Clomid Siphene brand. 100mg. Does not expire until 2019. Asking $60 per round plus buyer pays shipping. 614-717-5333 Chandra
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Jul2-Anderson SC Meds from a successful cycle. Follistim 900 iu, Gonal f, Menopur, HCG injections, Cetrotide. Perferred local pickup or buyer pays shipping. Contact 434-829-3975 Mia
Jul2-Beverly Hills CA leftovermeds. menopur 75 iu 22 vials, 4 unopened boxes 5 vials each + 2 extras. exp. 7/2018. $150/box or $600 everything obo. follistim 300 iu 4 unopened refrigerated boxes, $115 each or $430 for 4. exp. 12/2019. prefer local pu, fedex cod 718-564-9336 Miriam
Jul2-Couer de alene Idaho ISO Progesterone in oil, 3 vials, lueprolide 40-80U and hcg. Only interested in FedEx COD 208 816 0128 Angela
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