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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Nov10-Encinitas CA IVF Meds - $500 total or contact me for indiviual pricing. 3 boxes GonalF 450IU. 7 vials Menopur 75iu. 2 boxes 30 Crinone 8%. 8 Clomid 50mg tablets. 3 boxes 21 Endometrin 100mg. 4 Progesterone 10ml vials. 250 Estradiol tabs. FED EX COD. Can send pictures. Email: 310 433 8499 Summer
Nov10-Katy TX All new. Stored appropriately. Please only legit buyers. Please text me 630-674-3811. Message to find out what is Available and the cost. menopur 75iu. 2 follistim pen kits. cetrotide .25 mg. Follistim and clomid. Gonal f. What do you need? I will ship fed ex. Kelly
Nov10-San Jose CA I have 2 boxes of Crinone Progesterone 8% Gel I no longer need as baby on the way. 15 single use prefilled applicators in each box. Expires 8/2018. 1 box for $80, 2 boxes for $140 obo. 650 861 8592 Sue
Nov10-Northville MI 2 Crinone boxes - 1 box with 6 left over and 1 full, unused box. Both for 25$ - going on a TTC break. Please email or text. I will ship same day within time range with FedEx or USPS. 248-622-2893 Mallory

Nov9-Chicago IL New. Perfectly stored and perfect condition. Follistum 900 iu cartridges, pen if needed, Ganirelix & Crinone 8%. Several of each. One vial of PIO and Clomid 50 mg tablets, quantity 20. Email for specifics. Will supply photos and tracking info. Thank you, Julie

Nov9-San Diego California Just finished cycle. HCG 10,000 units, 1 ovidrel kit, 1 cetrotide kit. 1 follistim 300 units overfilled to 450 iu. Make best offers dont want to go to waste. 267 971 5382 Jessica
Nov9-Chicago IL Ganirelix 250 mcg x 2 - expiration 07/2018 - $100 each. Leuprolide Acetate Injection 14 day kit x 1 - Expiration 05/2018. FedEx COD. 773 447 8128 Sheila
Nov9-Santa Rosa CA Brand new unopened box $300 obo Menopur 75IU 5 single dose vials of Menotropins for injection 5 single dose vials of .9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP 2 mL5 QCap Vial Adapters FedEx COD only 408 316 8878 Kate
Nov9-Atlanta Ga 2 boxes gonal 450 IU exp 8/18 for sale preference in person driving distance from Atlanta $150 per box negotiable Arthur and Camilla 678 274 8050
Nov9-Chicago IL Endometrin inserts 100 mg. New. 21 inserts 21 applicators. $95/box. Exp 05/2018. Text to 312-339-8114 or email Paul

Nov9-San Francisco CA 12 Ganirelix 250 mcg prefilled $100 each, 12 single vials menopur $50 each vial. All properly stored and well within exp date. local pickup preferred, or USPS COD 617 669 4293 Kassie

Nov8-Harlingen Texas Have a few left over Gonal 900 iu 5 and Menopur 75iu 5 boxes available due to prescription change and all meds expire 1/2019. Purchased at full price and looking to sell them at a discounted price. Please email me offers. Will send Fed ex next day or Usps 512 368-8553 Kira Taylor
Nov8-Winston-Salem NC IVF leftover: unused vital 75 units of menopur expire 12/2017, 2 vials 0.25 mg cetrotide (cetrorelix) - Both expired Aug 2018, 126 units of Gonal F expire Oct 2018. Make me an offer. Text 336 817 1386. Can meet in NC or ship. Buyer pays shipping. Marianne
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The ebook is around 565 pages and they throw in lots of bonus ebooks. This link is from my website but you can get it from any other site, Your have a 60 day guarantee with it and can get a refund and keep the book in the first 60 days. I am confident you can reverse a lot of your health problems with this info. The link is sometimes blocked with the claim it is a malicious site but I can assure you it is quite legitimate and safe. Worked for me.

Nov8-Pasadena CA 3 boxes of Menopur $140 each or $400 for all, follistim 900iu $320. Ganirelix $70, Endometrin 100mg $65/box, 626 552 8606 Lilianna
Nov8-Milwaukee WI Follistim pen 900 units expires 7/2018. $350. Properly refrigerated. Local buyer preferred. Owner will ship in refrigerated packaging, but buyer pays shipping. Med left over from previous cycle. Best wishes to all you ivf ladies 414-688-6574 Rebecca

Nov8-Chattanooga Tennessee Follistim 900IU x 4 200$ each, payment must be made/clear before shipment. -OR- will ship FEDEX C.O.D at 250$ each, shipping included. 25% deposit made/cleared before shipment. Sorry, too many C.O.D scams with fake payments. 423-790-8237 Maria

Nov8-Bellevue WA Cancelled IVF. 13 Follistism 900IU. 31 boxes Cetrotride .25 mg. 12 boxes Menopur 75 iui *5. 20 qty Crinone8% gel applicator All properly shipped and stored. Will use FED EX COD and user pays for shipping. Can send pictures with expiration dates. Expiry in late October 2018. Make offer 321-222-7844 phattu
Nov8-NYC NY 2 new Gonal-F 900IU must be used in ~3 mos $300 ea, 1 used with ~550 left must be used in 2 weeks $100. 4 boxes of 10-pack Menopur 75IU vials $250 per box, lots of Ganerelix $60 ea. Email for details on sourcing. Photos available on request. Mar
Nov8-Katy Texas New. Stored as directed. Expire 8-2018. 3 boxes of menopur 75iu. 5 dose vials. 15 doses. $200 a box. follistim pen kit with case free. 5 boxes cetrotide .25 mg $100 a box. 1-600 iu follistim- $250. 27 50mg clomiid $40 . Fedex COD. 630 674 3811 text. May negotiate Kelly
If you were to look at how precription drugs are developed and marketed, you might never take a prescribed medicine again. Unless you have already experienced a devastating drug side effect, you probably haven't done that.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine May Effectively Promote Fertility

Nov8-Bellevue WA Cancelled IVF 1. 31qty - bd 3ml luer-lok syringe with 20g x 1-1/2" needle 2. 19qty -bd syringe luer-lok/1ml 3. 55qty - yale needles 25g x 1-1/2" 4. 2 sharps collectrs 1 used - 1 brand new 5. Open Menopur - 6 vials 75iui. Buyer pays shipping 321-222-7844 phattu
Nov7-Chicago IL Follistim 900IU 4 boxes $300 each, Leuprolide 1 box, 4 units of 75IU Menopur $150 for all, Endometrin 4 boxes $100. Or Best Offer 773-882-4596 Jill
Nov7-chicago il I have 8 boxes of follistim 300 expiration: 11 dec 2019, $200 per box; 8 unopened boxes of menopur 75 with 5 vials in each: $100 per box; 6 ganiralex 250: $75 each. I finished the cycle these weekends. I can send you photos and ship refrigerated. 224 999 5146 Kate
Nov7-Richlands North Carolina Looking for Clomid 50mg or 100mg. Willing to pay. Email or text please. 910 381 2023 Rebecca

Nov7-Brooklyn NY 1 menopur w/qcap exp 10/18 $65 3 bottles Progesterone injection exp 10/18 & 2/20 : $25for the 3 Crinone Progesterone gel 8%/ exp 4/19 $200: 1 box & 2 extra applicators. Endometrin:15 applications Exp9/19 $65 Prices negotiable 917-776-0985 Fiona Mika

Nov7-Augusta Maine 900iu Gonal F Pen unopened - exp 01/2019 300iu Gonal F Pen unopened- exp 03/2020 900iu Gonal F Pen opened has 600iu left - exp 01/2019 4 Cetrotide kits unopened- exp 11/2018 10 vials of 75iu Menopur - exp 08/2018 $600 for all, I'll do free shipping Belle
Nov7-Atlanta GA I have the following with with Follistim pen: 900IU Follistim exp Jul2018 for $325 300 75iu Follistim exp Aug2018 $130 75iu Gonal F exp Feb2018 for $40 Menopur 75iu exp Jul2018 for $40 Will accept reasonable offers. Buyer pays shipping. 470 418 3337 Toni
Nov7-Augusta GA Cycle cancelled and have the following unopened meds available for sale: 7 boxes cetrotide exp. oct 2018 $100/box and 1 menopur boxes 5 bottles 75iu each. Exp.Jul 2018 $80/bottle 3 boxes GonalF 900iu Exp Jan 2019 $900 per box Thanks for your attention. 706 298 8753 amy
Nov7-New York New York Warning everybody. There's a fake buyer who contact you to buy meds request COD shipping. If you are contacted by him or his wife under BOBBY DAVIS, 800 Priscilla St, Salisbury, MD 21804. Phone:4108632201, be aware. They try to scam with a non legitimate payment. 780 254 1243 Jo

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Nov7-Lakeland FL I am looking for menopur. I am looking for someone who will ship FedEx cod. I did a transaction through PayPal and never got the product. Please contact me by email you you can help. My insurance does not cover any fertility treatment at all. 863 398 1429 Trish
Nov6-Fullerton CA 2 unopened boxes of Ganirelix prefilled 250mg injection. Expire in Feb & July 2018. Properly stored. $75 per box. Buyer pays for shipping FEDEX COD 303 518 7805 Young

Sep27-Boston MA Crinone 8%. exp 1/2019. $60/box or $4 each. (978) 928-9394 melinda

Nov6-Pittsburgh Pa Leftover meds from recent IVF 1 - 300 gonal f pen $125, 1 900 gonal f pen $275, 1 900 gonal f pen with 600iu left $175, 2 Boxes 5 vials ea Menopur $200/box, 4 Boxes of cetrotide $40 ea. Only looking to recoup copays. Recipient pays shipping. Serious inquires only Belle
Nov6-Katy Texas All new unopened boxes- 2 follistim Pen kits includes: pen holds 450, 8 pen needles and case. $100 each. 3 boxes menopur 75 iu each box has 5 doses. So 15 vials. Exp. 09/2018 $200 each box. Message or text me. Serious inquires only. More med available soon. 630 674 3811 Kelly
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Nov6-Miami FL Searching for meds for FET: Lupron/Leuprolide 2 week kit, Estrace 2 mg, Vivelle/Minivelle Estradiol patches 0.1 mg, Progesterone in Oil 50 mg/1 ml, and Crinone 8%/Micronized progesterone 200 mg Please have pics. Email Only. 954 963 0422 Melinda
Nov6-Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Searching for donated or cheap hcg trigger shot. I had 2 failed Clomid cycles and they said I need a trigger but it's all out of pocket/insurance didn't cover and need to find a cheaper way 412 330 0548 Jennifer R.
Nov6-Tucson AZ 50mg of Progesterone x 2, $50 for both, exp 02/2018, properly stored in fridge. 225 892 3453 Kyle
Nov6-Union NJ I have 4 unopened boxes of Gonal F RFF redi-ject 900 for sale 250 exp Apr 2018, Ganirelix 250 mg 3 boxes, $ 50 each exp Jul 2018 and 2 progesterone PIO 500mg/10ml in sesame oil 20 each, local pick up preferred in NJ. email: 908 346 8954 teresa
Nov6-Jonesboro GA I have available 2 Gonal F 1 unopened, 1 450iu left, 8 vials of Menopur, and 4 boxes of Cetrotide. All stored properly. Local pickup or FEDEX COD. Buyer responsible for shipping cost. Email if interested. 678 755 8216 Angie
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Nov6-Atlanta GA New/Unopened fully sealed. Gonal-f Multidose 450 IU. Exp. 10/2018. 678 277 3526 Jill
Nov5-Pittsburgh Pa Left over Gonal f, cetrotide, & menopur Buyer pays shipping. Just looking to recoup copays. Serious inquires only Belle
Nov5-Princeton NJ I have 5 unopened unexpired boxes of gonal f 450 IU leftover from a successful IVF cycle. All Meds wer bought here from my local pharmacy and have been stored in the fridge. Looking for $250 per box. Can do FedEx COD. 856-312-5372 Pari
Nov5-Stony Point NY I have 4 extra boxes of Follistim AQ cartridges 900IU for sale make me an offer. 845 598 6673 Daniel
Nov5-chicago IL I have 8 boxes of follistim 300 expiration: 11 dec 2019, $250 per box; 8 unopened boxes of menopur 75 with 5 vials in each: $150 per box; 6 ganiralex 250: $75 each. I finished the cycle these weekends. I can send you photos and ship refrigerated. 224 999 4565 Kate
Nov5-Princeton NJ I have 5 unopened unexpired boxes of gonal f 450 IU leftover from a successful IVF cycle. All Meds wer bought here from my local pharmacy and have been stored in the fridge. Looking for $250 per box. Can do FedEx COD. Pari 856 312 5371

Nov5-Kaufman Tx Leftovers from successful IVF and FET cycle. I have an unopened box of Menopur and 4 boxes of estradiol patches plus one l patch from an opened box for a total of 33 patches. All unexpired and pictures available. $500 OBO for everything. Good luck with your upcoming cycles ladies! 817 851 4273 Kim

Nov5-Cincinnati Ohio Gonal f 600iu brand new. Not expired. $250. 513 258 3752 Savannah
Nov3-Chicago IL Follistim 900IU 3 boxes $300 each, Ganirelix 8 boxes $100 each, Leuprolide 1 box, 4 units of 75IU Menopur $200 for all. 773-882-4596 Jill
Nov3-Orlando FL Follistim 900iu, 5 boxes, memoir, progesterone in oil. Willing to negotiate price. 407 456 3653 A. Moore
Testimonial : Hi Doug Your website is fantastic. We have given away everything so you can take our ad down at your convenience. Thank you so much. Yours site is fantastic and the paid ad we placed worked perfectly. Money well spent. Thanks again, sold my items in less than 24 hours Robin St Martin President Iron Horse Security Telephone: 613 228-2813 Facsimile: 613 228-9812
Nov2-New haven Ct 3 boxes Gonal F 900 iu sealed and properly storage they expire in august 2018 and jan 2019. I can send proof of expiration. Local pick up or fedex cod 300 each or best offer 203 980 4905 Nora hernandez
Nov1-Chicago IL Box of meds: Follistim 900IU 4 boxes, Minivelle 4 boxes, Ganirelix 8 boxes, Leuprolide 1 box, endometrin 4 boxes, 4 units of 75IU Menopur. All in one box make me an offer. 773 882 4596 Project family
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Nov1-Alameda CA Follistim cartridge 900 IU refrigerated unopened with pen and needles $300. 415-609-2276 Amber
Nov1-Alameda CA IVF meds. x3 of Progesterone 500 mg/10 mL exp. 10/2018; $20 each. x1 Delestrogen estradiol 100 mg/5mL $20 exp. 11/2017. x31 syringes 3ml, 18 gauge & Needles 25G1, $5. Syringe x10 1ml 1cc. Needles 8x, 22guage x 1.5 $5. Needles x8 18G, 1.5. 415-609-2276 Amber
Nov1-Downers Grove IL For sale: $125 for Follistim AQ Cartridge 30 IU, pens not included. Multiple units available. Cash only, meet in Downers Grove area. Please email 630 819 5550 Susan
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