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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Mar9-New York NY Two vials of unopened progesterone in oil, both expire May 2020. Asking $30 for each vial. Meet in midtown Manhattan or buyer pays for shipping. Will include syringes, gauze, alcohol pads. 917 842 8163 C Hung
Mar9-Mesa AZ SCAM ALERT 402-800-9319 "Tammy Harris" is a scammer who gives fake tracking numbers then stops responding. I only need 300U of Gonal or Follistim and some Femara. She kept bugging me to buy a ton of meds for stimming. Do not text, email pls. 623 210 0102 Tara no one I have done business with used Fedex COD, but I have had several legit transactions. Only COD from now on. Tala Rassool
Editor note: Tammy Harris, Hunter or several other aliases has been scamming people on this site for many years now. No conscience just a criminal desire to steal irregardless of how many people she hurts or lives she destroys or how many children and parents are deprived of a family. God will judge her but in the meantime the damage is horrendus.
Mar8-Washington DC Leftover meds for sale from a successful cycle: 1 new, unopened box Endometrin 100mg, 21 suppositories plus 6 extra suppositories. Expires 5/19 $100. Follistim pen with 30 AQ catridges with case $20. Prefer local pick up but will ship. Buyer pays shipping. 202 579 8561 Dawn
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Mar8-Hockessin DE 6 unopened progesterone in oil bottles 500mg/10mL expiration date of 7/2020. 1 bottle of chorionic Gonadotropin 10,000 USP units per vial expiration date of 9/18. 1-302-528-3413 Amanda Axe
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Mar8-Boston MA 2 brand new Boxes of Endometrin 100mg, 21 vag inserts per box. $200 for both retail is $250 each Email me: 508 303 5263 Viv
Mar8-Montgomery Alabama Looking for these meds discounted or free. Will pay shipping Gonal F 1200 units Merapur 75 units. 12 ampules Cetrotide.25 5 ampules Ovidrel 2 ampules Mrs Britt

Nov9-x2Chicago IL New. Perfectly stored and perfect condition. Follistum 900 iu cartridges, pen if needed, Ganirelix & Crinone 8%. Several of each. One vial of PIO and Clomid 50 mg tablets, quantity 20. Email for specifics. Will supply photos and tracking info. Thank you, Julie

Mar7-Bayville NY Crinone progesterone 30 day supply 2 boxes $150 for both boxes each box has 15 Exp 2/20 Local pick up 917 676 8873 Danielle
Mar7-Bayville NY Menopur 75iu $100 per box Exp. 10/2018 4 available Follistim 900iu $400 per box Exp. 5/5/2019 2 available Cetrotide .25mg pre filled syringe $55 each Exp. 11/2018 3 available Local pickup 917 676 8873 Danielle
Testimonial : Hi Doug Your website is fantastic. We have given away everything so you can take our ad down at your convenience. Thank you so much. Yours site is fantastic and the paid ad we placed worked perfectly. Money well spent. Thanks again, sold my items in less than 24 hours Robin St Martin President Iron Horse Security Telephone: 613 228-2813 Facsimile: 613 228-9812
Mar7-New Rochelle New York I also have Estradiol Valerate 200mg/5ml for $150. 301-523-2372 Rubina
Mar7-Cockeysville Maryland Third round of IVF. Looking for donations or discounted meds. I really need low dose HCG it can be opened already or Gonal F or Follistim. I will pay shipping. 443-416-5586 Candace
Mar6-Houston TX Hi. Neupogen needed asap. 571 572 6638 thanks Sylvie P

Jan26-Brooklyn NY Meds from successful IVF Twin pregnancy.5 sealed PROGESTERONE in olive oil 50g/ml (3)exp 2/17/18 &2) exp 2/15/18 Estrace 1mg 85ct 10 bxs Cetrotide 0.25mg (5)exp 10/2018 &(5)exp 2/6/19 Estridole 2mg51ct&60ct price Neg C.O.D 347-570-5814 Ivy

Mar6-Mannasas Va I have some left over meds. I have clomid, menopur, follitism. Gonal f, letrozle, filgrastim, ovidrel, leuprolide, endometrium inserts all prices negotiable using funds to go towards a surrogacy. Text/call darla local pickup or shipping 571-343-2796 Darla
Mar6-Mannasas Va Trigger shot $60. 571 343-2796 Darla
Mar6-San Ramon Ca Progesterone 8 Gel, Crinone 8 gel. I have Progesterone Gel 8 boxes Each box contains 10 applicator leftover from my ivf cycle. My insurance doesnít cover fertility drugs so we bought extra in case of emergency. If interested, please contact with reasonable price. Contact: Abbyjosh 832 900-9817
Mar6-Houston Texas Hi. I'm looking for Neupogen, please contact me asap if you have some vials. 571 572 6648. Thx Sylvie P

Mar6-Albia Iowa Looking for Letrozole/Femara-10-2.5mg tablets. The timing has been off in previous cycles in which Iíve requested due to weather one thing or another. So I find myself having to request once again. (641) 226-2956 Evelyn Blakemore

Mar5-Montgomery Al Wanting to purchase Clomid asap hoping for 50 mg and 10 pills but will take 5 as well. To ensure you have the product please respond by sending a picture of the Clomid with a piece of paper next to it with either my email or phone number. Thank you 706 332 9022 Gina
Mar5-Chicago IL Hi - I have some meds left, please let me know if you are interested! Follistim 300 x4 $150 each, Ganirelix 250mcg x2 $45 each, Cetrotide 0.25mg $50, Estradiol Valerate 200mg/5ml $150. Prefer local pickup. Email me at 708 634 2449 Jeannie

Jan28-PASADENA CA I am looking for Gonal F, Menopur, Lupron meds, 1/2 cc small syringes for omnitrope. Please contact me if you have those meds. 626 257 8881. I have progesterone in sesame oil bottles that I can sell. thanks. SAL

Mar5-New Rochelle New York I have 2 Ganerelix $55 each, 1 Cetrotide $50, Estradol 2 MG tablets, Menopur $30 each vial, $150/box want to sale. Please contact me at 301-523-2372 Rubina
Mar5-Deerfield Beach Florida I have 3 ganirelix $35 each, 2 neupogen 480mcg $90 each, generic prometrium 200mg $20/60, generic lovenox $20/box. 1 561 789 9507 Cris

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Mar5-San Jose CA 3 Menopur 75iu - $100 ea obo, 1 ganirelix 250mcg - $125 obo, About 500iu follistim - $350 total, 1 leupron 0.2ml - $125 total. Menopur and ganirelix prices highly negotiable especially Menopur make offers other products negotiable,too. Majority products have expiration date 2019 properly stored. 510 474-0940 Ricky
Mar5-Washington DC 3 boxes Gonal F 900IU $300 ea, expiry Oct 2018. Also can throw in 5 boxes cetrotide, 4 of which expired Jan 2018, the other one will expire in Dec 2018, for $950 total. Email 217 281 2228 Allie
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Video:birth control Vaxxed - Full documentary This is the documentary that was scheduled to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival by Robert De Nero (who has a vaccine-damaged child) but was yanked when some of the festival backers with ties to the pharmaceutical industry threatened to cancel their funding and shut the festival down.

Mar4-Lagrange Illinois Cycles cancelled. IVF meds not expired, unopened & stored correctly. 15 boxes Menopur ea box=5 single dose vials 75IUea $200/bx obo. 12 total 900 iu Gonal F pen kits $400/per obo. Needles, syringes incl. Also have Lovenox and Vivelle patches. Will send pics and meet anywhere in Chicagoland. 630 825 5229 Cathy
Mar4-Houston Texas 2 Gonal f 300iu 1 gonal f 900 iu box of menopur 75iu ovidrel trigger and leuprolide And cetrotide. 713 581-9495 Karla
Mar4-Staten island Ny Clomid needed, local pickup preferred please email me ny location or nj 347 285 9622 Maria

Jan21-Tarrytown NY Leftover from a successful cycle. 4x follistim 900, properly stored, exp 04/18, at $250 each. 1x Crinone 8% exp 08/18, 15 inserts per box for $100. 2x Progesterone oil 10ml, $30 each. Local pickup or Fedex cod only. Baby dust to all! 617 407 9616 Adeline

Mar4-Rockville MD I have one box of follistim for $140. I also have 2 follistim pins. Four boxes of ganirelix 4 $50 each. And one box of leuprolide to a kit for $100. All expire in 2019. I just received everything and December of 2017. My prices are negotiable. 970 315 8686 Nicky
Mar4-Stafford Virginia I have 10 25 mg clomid asking $50 shipping included 540-425-6940 Kendeja
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Mar4-Seattle WA 3 box Cetrotide, 1 box Pregnol, 1 dose Menopur, 4 box Crinone 1 box Vivlle Patch 781-820-4111 Vic
Mar4-Brooklyn NY Medication left after successful cycle. 2 boxes of Ganirelix Acetate Injection 250 mcg $50 per box. FEDEX COD only 917 403 0341 Steve
Mar2-Chattanooga TB I have 6 box follistim 600 IU for sale $350 each. Follistim always store in refrigerated. I have 4 box minivelle patches for sale $100 each. We can ship in USA. 224 636 0084 Raj

Mar2-Austin Texas Unopenned IVF meds 11 Follistim 900IU $250 obo & 12 Gonal F 900IU 300ea, Menopur 75 IU $200, ovidrel 250MCG 100ea, 13 cetrotide.25MG 70ea, many boxes of crinone 8% gel 15 counts. No COD local pickup or 2-3 day shipping within USA and Canada. 214.997.7303 Henry Luke

Mar2-Detroit MI Looking for 3 boxes 63 inserts Endometrin. 989 482 7743 Crysta
Mar2-Austin Texas Iím selling left over medicine: 2 boxes of menopour $200 each 900 Gonal f $500 2 boxes of 300 Gonal f $200 each 2 cetrotide $200 each Ovidrel $200 Luproude 350. I can ship anywhere but you can pick it up in Austin, Texas. Text: 512.785.2719 Meggy
Mar1-Houston Tx IVF Meds for sale. Done with IVF need to get rid of asap. 361 212 4999 Shannon
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The ebook is around 565 pages and they throw in lots of bonus ebooks. This link is from my website but you can get it from any other site, Your have a 60 day guarantee with it and can get a refund and keep the book in the first 60 days. I am confident you can reverse a lot of your health problems with this info. The link is sometimes blocked with the claim it is a malicious site but I can assure you it is quite legitimate and safe. Worked for me.

Mar1-Parma OH Need gone asap. 14 boxes of Follistim AQ 300IU with pens, cases and needles. $150 each. Will send pics. Properly stored. 216 965 1009 Jessica
Mar1-Boise Idaho 2 unopened gonal-f 300 iu pens expire on 2/26/19, stored properly. $200 each. One syringe of cetrotide 0.25mg unopened expires on 2/26/19. $200. Will negotiate price. Will use fedex COD. serious buyers only. 208 602 1172 Graceful Morris
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Mar1-Fredericksburg Va I have 4 450 UI gonal f pens stored properly asking for all $300 plus shipping 540 524-2372 Mary ann
Mar1-NYC NY Selling unused meds from wife's cancelled cycle. Have Follisim 600iu $500, Ganirelix $50 & Menopur $50, all expire 10/19. Trying to recoup loss. Can meet in NYC/NJ/PA or post Fedex cod. Pictures available. Text only, thanks. Toby 347-915-4194
Mar1-Princeton/NYC/Philly I have a full cycle of medication for IVF cycle all unopened and stored properly/temp controlled. 5 boxes of menapure 5 900IU Follistim 5 Ganarelx and Stim and progesterone. I was getting ready to do another cycle and proceeded with existing embryo and got pregnant. 917-414-3712 Stefanie
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