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Jan14-Riverside California yard sale Saturday, sunday Jan 13th & 14th all day till 5 p.m. 8944 Mesa Oak Drive riverside ca 92508 .Orange Crest area right off of Van Buren everything from A to Z lots of household Furniture new used electronics from A to Z Dirt Cheap name your price, quality. 562 285 2510 Lisa mangione
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65 Medical

Jan21-Omaha NE Selling 1 box of ganirelix exp 10/19. I also have a follistism pen with needles and case, no medication. $40. Fedex COD only. 1 402 206 7249 Megan

Jan21-Las Vegas Nevada Fertility medications We have : 12 doses menopur 75IU 2 Vials cetrotide .25mg 2 cartridges follistim 300IU + pen 1 vial omnitrope 5.8mg, good for 4 doses Contact us if interested and we can discuss price and shipping. All unopened and unexpired. 702 807-5370 Text or call Melissa
Jan21-Warroad mn 5 unopened boxes of ganirelix acetate injection pre-filled sterile syringe. 250mcg/0.05ml exp feb17 2020. Reason for selling left over from prescription. sold as all five price is 500 us dollars. 218-689-6821 Sara
Jan21-New York New York Ovidrel 250mcg/0.5mL injection exp. 03/19 1 x $80 & Gonal-F 900 iu pre-filled pen injection exp. 02/19 1 x $300. Stored properly in refrigerator. Can send photos and more info if necessary. Pick-up locally. email: or txt: 347-759-1190.
Jan21-New York NY NYC Cancelled IVF, available for local pickup only NYC: Cetrotide 6 exp 02/2019, Menopur 25 exp 02/2019, Ovridel 2 exp 04/2019, Follistim exp 02/2020 + pen, all refrigerated in unopened packages. Will include other minor items. Contact: 1-646-575-1694 Alex

Jan21-Tarrytown NY Leftover from a successful cycle. 4x follistim 900, properly stored, exp 04/18, at $250 each. 1x Crinone 8% exp 08/18, 15 inserts per box for $100. 2x Progesterone oil 10ml, $30 each. Local pickup or Fedex cod only. Baby dust to all! 617 407 9616 Adeline

Jan21-Albia Iowa Iím again looking for femara/letrozole: 10-2.5mg pills or 5-5.0mg pills. The timing for my previous cycles turned unexpectedly sour long story. Someone recently reached out to me offering pills but I have a sinking feeling Iíve been scammed. So reposting just in case. 641 226 2956 Evelyn Blakemore
Jan21-Amherst New York Leftover meds from a successful cycle. Best offer, will mail. 3 Boxes Endometrin, 3 Boxes Lovenox 30mg, 2 Ganirelix, 7 Boxes Follistim 300IU, 2 Boxes of Follistim 900IU 1 Box Gonal 300IU, 1 vial of PIO 716 830 6629 Allyson
Jan21-Upland CA Follistim 600 cartridge 2 Follistim 900 cartridges Leftovers of Leuprolide, Gonadotropin, Omnitrope- all properly refrigerated 15 pkgs of 250mg per .5ml Ganirelix 7btls- 500mg Progesterone Sesame Oil 33 bottles Menopur 75IU 105 inserts Endometrin 100mg Estrace 2mg aprx 30 Pick Up Only 678-629-4249 Heather
Jan21-West Palm Beach FL Crinone - Inserts - Free, only pay for shipping. 561 767 6895 Joana
Jan21-Boise Idaho Crinone 8% Gel Inserts 4 boxes-15 inserts per box. Estradiol Valerate 200mg/5 ML. Generic lovenox and prednisone. Text or email for pricing. 208 880 2328 Jackie B
Jan19-New York City NY Gonal-F 900 IU 2 syringes $80 both. Ganirelix 250 mcg 4 syringes $120. Menopur 75 IU 4 boxes of 5 vials $80. Lupron 14 mg/2.8 ml $40. All unopened, original package. Exp 5/2018-2/2019. Local pick-up best, in or around NYC. 917 376 8992 LiLi
Jan19-New York City NY Clomid 50 mg 30 tabs x 2 boxes; $30 each. Original boxes. Since itís light, will mail. 917 376 8992 LiLi
Jan19-Albany Ny I have leftovers from a successful cycle. Everything expires later 2018/early2019 properly stored. Estrace Gonal f 900iu pens Menopur 75iu Crinone Inserts buyer pays shipping or local pick up Posha White
Jan19-Queens, NY We finally conceived after 3 cycles. I have a bunch of discounted meds. prefer local pick up. Gonal f 900iu pens follistim 300iu cartridge Menopur Cetrotide Ganirelex Crinone Inserts Lupron 2 week kit. Properly stored and not expired. please email me serious inquiries only J Proud
Jan18-Pittsburgh PA I have a 900iu unopened box of Gonal-F exp date is 7/2018 and 1 box of cetrotide 0.25mg, exp date is 8/2018. Please make an offer. Call, text, email 412 906 2341 Thanks Kim
Jan18-Chicago il I haveGonal-F with Pen 900IU Sealed in box and refrigerated. exp. July 2018, Follistim 4 boxes of 900IU and Pen, Menopur 4 vials of 75IU with syringes exp Dec 2018, Ganirelix 3 profiled syringes. Contact me for pricing. 773 343 1370 Mary mzabjek@gmail.comi
Jan18-Aurora CO I have 5 boxes of Follistim 300 IU w/Pen $100 ea Exp 2/19, 1 box Menopur $100ea 75IU Exp 5/18, 2 Cetrotide .25mg $50ea Exp 10/18, 1 Gonal-F 300UI $50 Exp 10/17. Email Serious inquiries only please 720-737-0846 Brandi
Jan17-Washington DC Leuprolide acetate injection 14mg/2.8ml for sale I have one leuprolide almost new used it once and stored in the fridge. Bought it US$750. Asking US$600. Expiration date: September 2018. Please contact me at: Thank you. 202 290 0154 Chloe
Jan17-Montgomery Alabama I need of clomid or Femara, willing to pay for it. 706 332 9022 Gina
Jan17-New York City NY Free IVF meds. Just finished my last IVF in August and have 300IU Follistim been in the fridge with new pen, 1 ganirelix and two 75 IU menopur. I'm giving it for free just need to pick up. I live in Queens. 646-460-0991 June
Jan17-Dallas Texas 2 unopened boxes of Endometrin 21 per box 3 unopened boxes of Estrogen patches. 8 per box + 5 free. 29 total patches. $250 for everything. or will split up Expire late 2018 and 2019. text 941 914 3173 Will facetime liz
Jan17-Las Vegas Nv Ganelix 250 mcg for $50 a box. $40 if buying more than 5. Properly stored and unexpired. Expiration date is July 2018 follistim 900 IUI for $300 each. 250 if buying more than 4. Exp Aug, 2018 contact me at 775 375 8287 Heather

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Dec17-Moreno Valley ca i live in moreno valley ca sales my own beanie babies and barbies dolls out my home thanks nancy no garge sales ok 800 dollars they make great gifts for all happy hoildays my beanies babies and barbies dolls thanks nancy 951 536-34 2111 nancy

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